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Mitochondrial Clinical & Research Network (MCRN)


A multinational collaboration of experts on mitochondrial disease


The MCRN Group 2012

MCRN is an international network of clinicians and scientists dedicated to the study and treatment of mitochondrial disorders. We aim to:


Facilitate collaboration among experts and researchers on mitochondrial diseases

  • Exchange of knowledge and ideas on diagnostic challenges
  • Discussion on novel approaches
  • Information sharing on research methodologies/follow-up protocols
  • Integration of funding agencies and the industry into the research


Promote clinical research on mitochondrial diseases

  • Conduction of epidemiological studies
  • Setting the basis for future clinical trials
  • Developing novel approaches to diagnosis, prevention and treatment


Support the patient and the family

  • Improve availability of information on mitochondrial disorders, treatment options and clinical studies
  • Increase access to and participation in high-quality research